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Stop sign

If you’ve received an email saying you have a Refund due from the IRD – Stop!

  • You need to be careful before supplying any personal information from an email like this.

Read these tips on how to figure out whether its genuine or a scam!..

  • The IRD will never include personal information in the body of an email, such as your full name or the amount you are due to receive. They will ALWAYS require you to login to your account in order to view the information.
  • The IRD would also never state that something was in New Zealand dollars – they ONLY process funds in NZD so have no need to differentiate.
  • Refunds take several weeks for the IRD to process. If your email says that you will receive your email in 3-5 days, this is not consistent with IRD processes.
  • Look out for unusual language and weird urls as these can also be an indication that something is amiss.
  • IRD correspondence is not usually signed off with an individuals name – It is more likely to be signed off by a team eg Tax Refunds Team.
  • Most importantly, if in doubt, contact the IRD and check BEFORE you click on any links!